This Is the Most Flavor-Packed Salad You’ll Ever Have

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This unconventional salad isn’t shy. Smashed baby potatoes soak up the spicy juices from Mexican chorizo as they roast together harmoniously on a sheet pan. The two become a dinner salad once they’re tossed with shredded lettuce and scallions, drizzled with a puckering lime vinaigrette, and finished with plenty of salty cheese crumbles.

Queso fresco is a semisoft Mexican cheese, similar to feta in milky-tangy flavor and crumbly texture, that can be found in rounds in the cheese section of most grocery stores. If you can’t find it, a mild feta can be substituted.

Excerpted from Salad Seasons: Vegetable-Forward Dishes All Year (c) 2023 by Sheela Prakash. Used with permission of the publisher, Rizzoli. Photography by Kristin Teig. All rights reserved.

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