Shillong TEER Result Today: 18/12/2022, Juwai TEER Results

Shillong TEER Result Today 2022 Result The Meghalaya Government runs a Lottery Scheme wherein a lot of players place bets on a particular number, and then, after examining the results they check if they have won or lost. Therefore, all players of Shillong Teer and Juwai results of the TEER should check their winning Number here and after that, they will be able to calculate the amount they won. This is why we have the results of Shillong TEER today that you can view and then determine if you are a winner or not.

The majority of players are winners every day, and only residents of Meghalaya are allowed to participate in this game using registered counters. In this article, you will find the Shillong TEER Result TodayShillong TEER Hit Number as well as other similar information. If your numbers match the Meghalaya TEE Result Number, you may go to the nearest counter to take your prize. The TEER Result of today will be declared after 4:00 P.M. for the 1st round, and at 5:45 P.M. for the 2nd round.

The Shillong TEER is a lottery that could open your winnings if you win. Additionally, it is important to be aware that millions of people have won the jackpot up to now and have landed luck.

LIVE Shillong Teer Result Today 18 December 2022

First Round – 4:00 PM Second Round – 5:00 PM
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Shillong TEER Result 18 December 2022

Date  Round 1 Result (FR) 04:00 P.M Round 2 Result (SR) 05:00 P.M
12 November 2022 36 21
11 November 2022 32 23
10 November 2022 76 44
08 November 2022 18 60
05 November 2022 74 75
04 November 2022 21 42
03 November 2022 82
02 November 2022 58
01 November 2022 20 83


Date Shillong Teer Hit Number Today

Khanapara Teer Result 2022

Date FR 04:15 P.M SR 04:45 P.M
18 December 2022

Juwai Teer Result 18/12/2022

FR 2:15P.M SR 3:00 P.M

Jowai Night Teer Result 2022

FR 08:30 P.M SR 09:30 P.M
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Shillong TEER Result 2022

If you’re also in this post to find Shillong Results of the TEER Examination on 18 December 2022 then let us tell you that the TEER Result will be published every day at 4:00 pm and 5:00 pm to announce Round 1 as well as Round 2. respectively. In this article you can see the results for both rounds, and you can you can claim the prize if the number you entered matches the result. Everyone can go the website to find the Round 1 and 2 Results and claim your prize from vendors in the vicinity. Since the results are announced in a central manner and you are able to claim your prize at any location , or even from the vendor you visited to purchase tickets from.

Shillong TEER Result Today

The result for the 29 November 2022 Shillong Teer is scheduled to be announced at 4:00 pm and the second round results will be announced at 5:10 pm.

Meghalaya Juwai TEER Result Today

Lottery Name Shillong TEER
Supervised by Meghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax Act
Frequency Daily two times
Meghalaya Teer Result Date 2022 18/12/2022
Shillong TEER Result Time 4 PM and 5 PM
Winning Prize Rs 80/- for every One Rupee
Type of Game Archery
Shillong Teer Result List Available Below
Hit Number Available Below
Type of Post Lottery Result

Shillong TEER Result List 18 December 2022

The following section will inform you regarding this Shillong TEER Results Today and we’ve created this Shillong TEER ResultsList below for your convenience. Additionally, all winners could earn massive profits from this game in the form of the winnings amount. It is necessary to look at the Meghalaya TEER Counter for live outcomes for the competition.

Shillong TEER Results List is attached to make it easier for you to refer to it and you should refer to it to confirm your result. Meghalaya Government facilitated the Game and 12 groups of Archery participated during the Game. If you are interested, purchase tickets at any Ticket Counter, and then go to the list above for the outcomes.

Meghalaya TEER Result Today 18.12.2022

If you want to know the Meghalaya Results for TEER Today 18 December 2022, you can refer to the Table below where winning digits are listed. You can check your number to the results and collect your prize according to the terms of your contract. This game or lottery is open to residents of Meghalaya only. They can place bets on numbers on the Meghalaya TEE Counter. There are many vendors whom you can purchase the ticket, and you are also able to win a significant sum from the Government. This Game you must predict how many arrows you will be shot on the point, with two rounds to the game. The results for both rounds are announced at 4 pm and 5 PM, respectively.

Shillong Teer Hit Number Today 18 December 2022

Everyone in Meghalaya who wishes to purchase lottery results for the TEER Lottery 2022 look forward to the Hit Number, therefore we’re here to provide Shillong the TEER hit number. It could be anything from 30-60 for the first round and Round 2 could vary between 5 and 16. You can go to play any of these, and then rely on luck to achieve the desired results. It can be described as an Archery Game in which all players participate from different groups, and are able to shoot arrows that are good onto the Board. The number of arrows correctly shot on the board determines the outcome. This is a skilled game where gamblers bet on their ability to perform. Check out the most recent hit numbers below for 18 December 2022.

Meghalaya TEER Result Today 18-12-2022

How can I Check the Shillong TEER results online?

Visit the Meghalaya TEE Result Page to view the daily results. Or click the direct link that is above

What is the Winning Amount of the Shillong TEER Lottery Result?

The winner will receive an amount of Rs.80/- in exchange for every single Rupee in their ticket.

What is the Shillong TEER Ticket Price?

The price of a Shillong TEER ticket varies between Rs 1 to Rs 100.

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