NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 31 December 2022

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today 31 December 2022: NYT Mini Crossword is a popular puzzle game that will be published in the New York Times newspaper. The NYT Mini Crossword Today Puzzle Game will also be available on New York Times news websites. “NYT Mini Crossword is also available on mobile apps for Android and Apple iOS devices. The game was developed by Joel Fagliano

Players of NYT Mini Crossword can check the answers to the puzzle on this website. This article provides the New York Times Mini Crossword answers for December 31, 2022

This website regularly publishes the daily answers to the NYT Mini Crossword for players. The puzzle was created by Joel Fagliano

The NYT Mini Crossword game has been played by a large number of players for decades and has gained immense popularity

The answers to the NY Times Mini Crossword puzzle game are updated daily on this site. Players who are seeking the answers to the puzzle can find the correct clues and answers for today’s puzzle below

NYT Mini Crossword

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today Overview

Game NameNYT New York Mini Crossword
Created byRich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword Answer Date31st December (31/12/2022)
Puzzle Available onnewspaper, Android/ IOS App
MonthDecember 2022
NYT Mini Crossword Official Websitewww.nytimes.com/crosswords/game/mini

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NYT Mini Crossword today answers (December 2022)

NYT Mini Crossword daily Puzzle 31st December 2022 answers are 100 percent correct and free to check. NYT Mini Crossword answers are added below.

  • Mother of chicks: HEN
  • Allow: LET
  • Physicians’ degs.: MDS
  • Need for a messy eater: NAPKIN
  • Immediately: ATONCE
  • Die: PERISH
  • Rock’s _ Brothers Band: ALLMAN “ be to God!” (“Hallelujah!”): PRAISE
  • How a clever and sneaky hint might be delivered: SUBTLY
  • Business that might offer a hot stone massage: SPA
  • Japanese currency: YEN
  • Poly __ (college major, informally): SCI
  • Exam whose first initial stands for “Law”: LSAT
  • Activity that wastes hours of one’s day: TIMESINK
  • Nationally televised event on New Year’s Eve: BALLDROP
  • Parent company of Facebook: META
  • www.nytimes.com, for instance: URL
  • Negative movie review: PAN

NYT Mini crossword Answers 31 december 2022

  • Like the number of socks you might take out of the dryer, unfortunately: ODD
  • Eco-friendly: GREEN
  • Playfully goofy: SILLY
  • Feature of sales in Delaware, Oregon and New Hampshire: NOTAX
  • Opposing vote: NAY
  • Constellation with a “belt”: ORION
  • Major airline since 1929: DELTA
  • Travel headache: DELAY
  • Channel with reruns of “Family Feud”: DELAY
  • Greek goddess of the night: NYX

NYT Mini crossword answers 29 december

  • After-bath powder: TALC
  • Computer screen dot: PIXEL
  • Farewell that’s a popular first guess for Wordle players: ADIEU
  • Category on a streaming service: GENRE
  • Pushing the envelope: EDGY
  • Nourished enough for now, with “over”: TIDED
  • Getting rid of: AXING
  • Suspicious: LEERY
  • Hint for a puzzle solver: CLUE
  • “Leaf” in a book: PAGE

NY mini crossword answers – 26 december 2022

  • Film blamed for reduced beach attendance in 1975: JAWS
  • Olympics prize: MEDAL
  • Tree whose branch symbolizes peace: OLIVE
  • Run, as dye in the laundry: BLEED
  • Tart beer variety: SOUR
  • Jiggly ingredient in some Midwestern “salads”: JELLO
  • French farewell: ADIEU
  • Hesitate: WAVER
  • Prop in “Citizen Kane” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”: SLED
  • Raucous crowds: MOBS

NYT Mini crossword answers – 25th December

  • Await judgment: PEND
  • Baby’s boo-boo: OWIE
  • “What nationality is ? North Polish’(groaner): SANTA
  • “Bon appétit!”: ENJOY Hacker in the woods: AXE
  • Downward Dog in yoga, for one: POSE Actor McGregor: EWAN
  • Teenage Mutant Turtles: NINJA
  • Goal of a juice cleanse, perhaps: DETOX
  • Assent at sea: AYE

NYT Mini crossword answers – 24th December

  • Theater escort: USHER
  • Shot taken after a shot: CHASER
  • Word before finger or Dipper: LITTLE
  • Breath mints in a metal tin: ALTOIDS
  • Elaborately decorated: ORNATE
  • Slang for the butt: HEINIE
  • Gobbled down: EATEN
  • The Bruins of the Big Ten: Abbr: UCLA
  • Daughter of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt: SHILOH
  • Hallway fixture with hooks: HATTREE
  • Latvia’s neighbor to the north: ESTONIA
  • Dependent (on): RELIANT
  • Something worn by a Republican during a presidential debate, often: REDTIE
  • Viewed: SEEN

NY Crossword Answers 23 December

  • Santa carries one: BAG
  • Like a winter wonderland: SNOWY
  • Extremely cold: POLAR.
  • Little speech given at an icebreaker: INTRO
  • Red feature of Rudolph: NOSE.
  • Symbols seen on Los Angeles Chargers helmets: BOLTS
  • Cognizant: AWARE
  • Greek sandwich: GYRO
  • Go round and round: SPIN
  • Unacceptable action: NONO

NYT Mini crossword Answers 22 december

  • Put in order of preference: RANK
  • Garnish for an iced tea: LEMON
  • Fill (with): IMBUE
  • Children’s author whose son, Christopher Robin, had a stuffed donkey named Eeyore: MILNE
  • Old flames: EXES
  • D.J.’s fresh take on a song: REMIX
  • Meander: AMBLE
  • Words that can be pluralized: NOUNS
  • Part of the leg: KNEE
  • Garnish for a Corona: LIME

NYT Crosswords Answers 21 December

  • About 3.5% of the ocean: SALT
  • Where J.D. Vance is senator-elect: OHIO
  • With 7-Across, what an introvert uses to recharge: ALONE
  • See 6-Across: TIME
  • Biblical garden: EDEN
  • Like pool balls from 1 to 8: SOLID
  • “Oh, give me _ where the buffalo roam …”: AHOME
  • Napkin material: LINEN
  • 1/5 of a foot?: TOE
  • Consumed: ATE

NY Times mini crosswords Answers 20 December

  • Shapewear brand with the tagline “Don’t worry, we’ve got your butt covered”: SPANX
  • “I can row a boat. ?” (groaner joke): CANOE First noble gas, alphabetically: ARGON Word before toast or after peach: MELBA Moines, Iowa: DES
  • _ Likely” (caller ID warning): SCAM
  • Prepared, as a pear: PARED
  • It might be acute or obtuse: ANGLE
  • Video game beginners, in slang: NOOBS
  • Warrior princess of ’90s TV: XENA

NYT Mini crossword Answers 19 december 2022

  • Brother of Cain: ABEL
  • Requests: ASKS
  • Obeys a basic dog command: STAYS
  • Lacking competence: INEPT
  • Clutch, e.g.: PURSE
  • __ try that again …: LETS
  • Athletic awards such as Best Upset and Best Moment: ESPYS
  • Start of a billiards game: BREAK
  • Disciplinary women in “The Handmaid’s Tale”: AUNTS
  • Italian city not known for its many perfectly upright buildings: PISA

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