Jager Bomb Recipe

Jager Bomb Recipe Jager Bomb is Very popular at the bar, you will often see groups of people drinking Jager bombs together. You will either love it or hate it; there’s not much middle ground with this potent shot. One thing that is certain is that it’s a drink every bartender should know. It requires no mixing and it’s so easy that anyone can make it.

How To Make Jager Bomb Recipe


Jägermeister – Has a strong anise taste. It was developed in 1934 by Wilhelm and Curt Mast with an alcohol volume of 35%. It is a blend of 56 botanicals to create an epic herbal liqueur.

Jager is stored in 445 oak barrels in the factory cellar. It is left in complete darkness for a year to blend and mature in flavor.

Jagermeister states that the best way to serve a shot of Jager is at -18 degrees Celsius.


Step 1 – Fill a shot glass with a shot of Jägermeister

Step 2 – Pour Red Bull into an empty glass until mostly full. The amount you fill is up to you. If you fill it to the top you will have a splash when the Jager is dropped in.

Step 3 – Drop the Jager into the glass of Red Bull and enjoy! Tiime to get the party started!

Jager-Bomb recipe

TIPS For Recipe

If you don’t want to drop the shot of Jager into the Red Bull to create the “bomb” effect you can pour it into the drink.

Be careful dropping the shot into the glass and when you take the jagerbombs shot. Please don’t chip your teeth with the shot glass.

If you are a fan of a different energy drink from Red Bull they can easily be used for this cocktail.

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