how to steam carrots in microwave

Learn the secrets to steam carrots in microwave, Looking for a quick and easy side dish? You can microwave carrots if you are short on time. The trick to getting them perfect is to steam them, not boil them. Check out this super simple recipe for how to steam carrots in the microwave the next time you need a quick and easy side dish!

Steamed Carrots in Microwave Why You’ll Love This Recipe ?

  • Steaming carrots in the microwave is super quick and easy, and a great option if you are extra short on time (like if you forgot to cook a side dish and dinner is almost ready
  • It’s hassle free, it’s fast, and it’s good for people who like to eat healthy
  • Steamed carrots go with many different types of cuisine, making them a perfect side dish for almost any meal

how to steam carrots in microwave ?


  • Water 
  • Carrots
  • Butter, salt, black pepper, and minced herbs for seasoning


  1. Chop your large carrots into ½” thick rounds.  
  2. Place carrots into a microwave safe dish, like a pyrex and then add just couple tablespoons of water. 
  3. Cover the dish with a microwave safe lid or a large plate and microwave on high for 3 minutes. 
  4. Check for doneness. If carrots are still a little crunchy, continue cooking in 30 second intervals. Then drain, once tender. 
  5. Transfer the carrots to a serving dish and top with a pat of butter, flaky salt, black pepper and minced herbs for the best microwave steamed carrots. 

Flavor Combinations

Take the sweet route! Try sprinkling in a little brown sugar or maple syrup with your butter for a sweet version. 

Switch up the liquids! Instead of water or both, try different flavorful variations for the cooking liquid like bourbon or white wine, and even fruit juice. All will pair well with butter too! 

Go herbal! Minced herbs such as tarragon, thyme, mint, and chives are the perfect fresh addition to steamed carrots. Pair your herb with butter and any number of spices that go well with carrots, like garlic, cumin, paprika, and even sweeter spices like cinnamon and allspice.

Make it zesty! Nothing brightens up a dish quite like citrus. Use a zester to peel off your citrus and gently stir it in with some butter and salt. 

steam carrots
steam carrots in microwave


How long to microwave carrots?

Well, this depends on your microwave wattage! After the first initial 3 minutes, open your microwave and give them a little poke with a fork every 30 seconds until they have reached your desired tenderness. 

Can I steam my carrots in broth?

Absolutely and I highly recommend you giving it a try if you haven’t before. The carrots take on a really nice subtle flavor and give it a little extra flavor overall. Chicken and vegetable broth are my go-to’s! 

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