Air Fry Frozen Pretzels

easy Air Fry Frozen Pretzels! It is so easy to cook frozen pretzels in the air fryer. They turn out hot and have the perfect crisp crust after being in the air fryer.

Air Fry Frozen Pretzels

We love using the air fryer to make a huge variety of foods. You can’t go wrong making frozen pretzels in the air fryer.  you can choose if you want them coated in salt or not. You can even customize these with other flavors and seasonings. You can also brush the pretzels with olive oil and then sprinkle them with cinnamon sugar.

How to cook Frozen Pretzels in Air Fryer?


Frozen soft pretzel



  • Remove pretzels from the packaging and lightly brush the frozen pretzels with water before placing them in the air fryer basket.
  • Make sure you add water and sprinkle the frozen pretzels with the coarse salt from the package. If you don’t add the water the salt will fall off.
  • Cook for 3-4 minutes until heated to the desired temperature. You want to cook frozen soft pretzels until they are heated through and nice and golden brown.
  • Use tongs to remove the pretzels from the air fryer basket so you don’t burn your hands.
Air Fry Frozen Pretzels 2


  •  do not preheat the air fryer before making this recipe.
  • Do not thaw the pretzels before cooking them in the air fryer. This will change the temperature and how long you cook them.
  • Make sure you to place them in a single layer and leave space around the frozen pretzels so the hot air can easily circulate.
  • Cook time will vary depending on pretzel brand and size. Make sure to check them the first time you make them
  • Pretzel bites cook quickly.


Can I make frozen pretzel bites in the air fryer?

Absolutely! This recipe will work the exactly the same. Just be sure to reduce your cooking time by about 2-3 minutes since the bites are a lot smaller and will cook more quickly. Check that the pretzels are cooked before removing them from the air fryer basket.

Can I store my cooked pretzels for later?

You can store your cooked pretzels in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 3 days. To reheat the pretzels, pop them in the air fryer at 320 F for 2 minutes, until warm and crispy again. Brush the pretzels with water and add some more salt before reheating in case all that delicious salt fell off!

Where to buy frozen pretzels?

You can purchase frozen soft pretzels at Target, Walmart, Ralph’s/Kroger, Albertsons, Vons, or

What do you dip pretzels in?

You can dip the pretzels in cheese sauce, honey mustard, marinara sauce, chocolate, caramel, or warm butter.

Do you need to thaw frozen pretzels before air frying?

No, you don’t need to thaw the pretzels. You must keep them frozen until ready to use.

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